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This little baby is my #1 Favorite Curling Iron of all time. It is a 3/4" Barrel, and it can give you the perfect beachy waves, hollywood waves, or any other modern curl you can hope for... (not Shirley Temple!) This curling iron is the MACK DADDY of all curling irons your curls like CRAZY. It glides over the hair like a straightener, making this curling iron the easiest curling iron I've ever worked with. It's the best.

This Curling Iron is a little larger curling iron. Being a 1 1/4 inch barrel, this gives you looser, fuller curls. Again, its Babyliss, soooooo you're gonna love it.

This Wand is for the girls who need an easy way to style their hair quickly. The wand curls are so simple, and this iron is perfect to hold them all night. The Babyliss brand DOES NOT PLAY AROUND. It's the real deal.

This is our go to camera for any situation. Great low light, a ton a versatility for lenses and a work horse for all things weddings. With new models coming out, this is still our favorite especially when it comes to the price!

This bag is my Perfect-For-Traveling Rolling Hair Stylist Suitcase! It meets the requirements for a carry-on, and it carries MORE than you think it will! I am in love. Also, how freaking cute!!! 

Mine is the 20" Light Gray one, and it is $169.

This a very similar suitcase to the one I have, and is the same dimensions, and quality. Just slightly different and MUCH cheaper!!

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