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Instead of the bride attempting to coordinate multiple different stylists, I create a unique experience for all of your beauty needs.


Services include trial, wedding day styling, and men's grooming. 

Not only do I provide an unrivaled experience with extreme attention to detail, but I also bring these personalized services to you, creating a comfortable and relaxed environment. 


Pre-Wedding Hair Trial

Whether you are between two hair styles, or dead-set on "the one,"  a wedding style run-through can help us to discuss all of your expectations and eliminate any unspoken thoughts before the wedding day. I want your wedding day to be as   s m o o t h    &    s t r e s s - f r e e    as possible!

Bridal Hair Package

For the big day, I set aside 1 hour for the bride. I usually recommend that the bride go last- to ensure that she has the freshest hair, and can get in her dress immediately after for photos. Included in the bridal style is a travel hair spray for any of those pesky fly-aways! 

The bride is the primary focus of any wedding- and rightfully so! I want to make sure the bride feels that her hair is absolutely perfect!!

The Bridal Package comes with a trial run, day of styling, and a travel-sized touchup hair spray!!

Bridal Party Style

For each of the bridesmaids, flower girls, and moms, I set aside 30 minutes for each style. I rarely use the entire 30 minutes. My average time is 20 minutes,  but I allow for 30 to make sure the day moves smoothly! 

Based on the bride's vision for her bridal party, I prefer to have a photo of what each girl will want for her hair style. (I will try to read your mind, but that's much harder to do!) This can be shown to me on the day of the wedding. 

Men's Grooming

Picture this- it's the day of your wedding, and your man has simply forgotten to clean up his neck beard and hasn't had a haircut in weeks- leaving his neckline grown out and shaggy. This is a story that is all-too familiar, so I started offering day-of men's grooming. With this service, the groom (or groomsmen) will receive a neckline trim, beard trim, and a style using my professional men's styling products. 

Bachelorette or Bridal Shower Style

Do you have a hard time even curling your hair? Don't stress about your look, schedule a special style for all of your special events! Bring a photo of what you are wanting, and I'll send you off looking like the radiant bride you are!

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Okay, I know that most of my brides are not experts in hairstyling. That's why I'm here!! I hope by answering these questions, it will ease your mind, and give you the sense of confidence you need! 

Do you travel?

YES! I travel anywhere for weddings! I have been all over the place for weddings! From Florida to Alaska-- to out of the country, I got you covered!!

What is your travel fee?

There are 2 answers for this. In-state weddings have an initial traveling fee of $50, and an additional 57 cents per mile is added. Out-of-state weddings will be negotiated with my personal travel expenses in mind.


Downtown Indy: $95

Greenwood: $110

Pendleton/ Anderson: $60

Fishers/ Noblesville: $75

Muncie: $80

Fort Wayne: $150

Carmel: $85

Do you require a deposit to save the date?

Yes! Once I receive the contract, and the 25% deposit, your date is OFFICIALLY set! YAY!

Does the deposit deduct from the total amount?


What form of payment should I use?

I have the option for you to pay with cash, card, or check. If you do choose to pay with a card, there will be an automatic 4% processing fee, which is why most of my brides choose to pay with cash or check! There is a small cash discount of 5% off the total amount if you choose to pay in cash.

When should I have the rest of the payment back to you by?

The remainder of your payment should be made 7 days prior to the wedding date. 

Do you have a minimum amount of people in order to book the date?

Yes, my minimum is 6 styles in order for me to travel to your site. If you have less than 6, you are welcome to come to my Salon in Pendleton, IN! But usually, even if you only have 5- someone is bound to be up for getting pampered! (Sister, Aunt, Mom, Flower Girl- we can get creative!)

What is your average amount of time spent on each style?

On average, I will spend about 20-25 minutes per updo, but in order to plan well for the day, I allow for "30 minutes." Now if you are already aware that your hair is INSANELY thick- then just mentally prepare for me to spend a little extra time on ya! For half-up styles and all down curls, I need the full 30 minutes to make sure everything is curled well and staying all night!

What is your average number of styles per wedding party?

On average, I have 9 styles per wedding party. This includes Bride, Bridesmaids, Moms, Flower Girls, and even family of the Bride & Groom! It is not uncommon for me to have grandmas, aunts, and cousins wanting to get their hair done- and I don't mind at all! The more the merrier! My record so far is 14 styles in 4.5 hours!

How much do you charge for a trial?

A trial style is included in the Bridal Package, any additional trial hairstyles are $95.

How early should I book my trial?

I always recommend my brides waiting until 1-2 months out from the wedding to do the trial. This gives you enough time to (hopefully) get your dress in to try it on together to see the entire look. Also! I always recommend scheduling your trial on a special day so you can use your style for something!! (ex: bachelorette party, bridal shower, date night, girls night, etc!)

If we do a trial, do you only do one style, or can we do multiple styles in one appointment?

I get asked this question quite often. The honest answer is- I work only 2 days at the salon, and in those 2 days, I have to fit my entire clientele in- when I used to work 4 day per week! That being said, I schedule my bridal trials based on the amount of time it usually takes me to do one style. I prefer for the bride to come in with photos and a good idea of what she is wanting so we can be as efficient as possible! Yes of course we can alter and change things during that time.  But if you know ahead of time that you are not quite sure what you are wanting to do, please let me know this at the TIME OF BOOKING, so I can prepare for the amount of time we will need. The trial is charged based on the amount of time spent, so the cost will vary depending on how long your appointment is.

Where should I order extensions?

YAY! Extensions. I will be sharing my 2 favorite styles of extensions. These are my personal opinion, and feel free to take it or leave it!

QUICK ANSWER: Halo Couture or Bellami Hair Extensions.

Okay, I love love love Halo Couture extensions. These can be tricky to find because they are sold by distributors, **UPDATE**  I AM OFFICIALLY ABLE TO ORDER THEM FOR YOU!! As of January 2019, I am officially a distributor of Halo Couture Extensions! Which is actually awesome because you get to match your hair to them IN PERSON. They are my favorite of all time. They are thick, and full, and I believe you get the most out of your money because they last forever! That being said, they are pretty pricey. You get what you pay for! Halo extensions are best for half up styles, all down, or a very loose looking braided style. If you are wanting a full updo- keep reading!!
Secondly- I am a HUGE fan of Bellami Extensions. These are clip-in style, and can bought online. You will want to purchase these 3-4 months in advance, that way if they come in and are too light or too dark, you can return them and get the color that matches your hair! A good rule of thumb is when in doubt, go with a shade lighter than 
you think. They tend to look darker online, in my experience! Clip-in extensions are wonderful for ALL styles, and are generally more affordable. 

When should I have the contract back to you by?

The contract should be returned to me as soon as you are able. Once I have the contract and the deposit, I will officially block off your date! So really, the sooner the better! 

Do you have a Makeup Artist you recommend?

Yes! I work with many amazingly talented girls, so I have TONS of recommendations! My go-to girl is Amanda Sylvester. She is on my Bridal Beauty Team, provides Airbrush Application and is super fun to work with! Contact me for more information on how to book with her! :)

Do you do men's hairline trim for the wedding day?

Yes! A well-groomed man is a MUST on the wedding day!! If your man or any of the groomsmen are finding it hard to get in with their stylist before the day, I would be glad to shape them up for you!! ** I will need to know this before the big day so I can be sure to bring my trimmers!! **

Do you work with all couples?

 YES! I am LGBTQ friendly and would never discriminate against any couple in love! 

Do you do pre-wedding hair color as well?

I used to work in a salon setting, but officially stepped away from the Chair August 2020, to put more time and energy into my business and my daughter. <3 


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